Onix Malice 14 Open Throat Pickleball Paddle

Item #: KZ8000-MLC14

Precision and control take center stage with the Evoke Malice Open Throat Composite Pickleball Paddle by ONIX. Crafted using advanced thermofused technology to ONIX's exacting standards, this paddle strikes a perfect balance between control and power, weighing 7.8 to 8.2 ounces. Choose between the 14mm (0.55") thickness for added power or the 16mm (0.63") thickness for enhanced control, both delivering a remarkable blend of these sought-after characteristics. The polypropylene core is reinforced by ONIX's innovative carbon fiber "Power Frame," ensuring durability and rigidity.

Featuring a 5" foam-infused, tennis-inspired handle, the Evoke Malice minimizes impact vibrations, while the poly honeycomb core and DF Composite face allow you to impart impressive side-spin on pickleballs, expanding the sweet spot and providing extra pop for your drives and put-aways. The open throat design reduces drag, enabling swift recovery to the ready position after powerful swings. These components are seamlessly thermofused to create a unified, edgeless design that exudes confidence on the court.

For players in search of control and spin in a reliable paddle, the Evoke Malice Open Throat Composite Paddle from ONIX Pickleball is the ideal choice. Note that actual grip sizes may vary slightly, ensuring a personalized fit for every player. Elevate your game with the Evoke Malice!

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